Corona SDK: Restart, Pause and select Level Menu

Some of the progress I made in the last days is the creation of an overlay menu which is triggered by the storyboard.overlay function of Corona SDK. When the user clicks on the pause button an overlay appears with 3 options: Pause the game, go to the level selection screen, and reload the level. In this post we will create this kind of overlay. See the video below for the implementation in my Rolly Bear World Project.

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Corona SDK Storyboard – Rolly Bear World

In this post, we start (finally) with the first lines of codes. We set up the skeleton of the Rolly Bear World Game. With this I mean the navigation between the different screens (home or menu, level selector, options and the game credits). To get this fixed, we use something (very useful) called the storyboard API/Library of the Corona SDK, which pretty much does all the work for us.

Currently I’m still in Nepal. I just really enjoy Nepal. The people and food are amazing. Despite this we decided to fly next week to Indonesia to see some of the Islands. We booked a flight to the island Lombok. Today we visited the Peace Pagoda which is a temple on top of a hill in Pokhara. The peace pagoda is a buddhist stupa. This one was build by Japan to widespread the peace message after the horrible bombings in Japan by the end of the 2nd World War. Besides Japan there are Peace Pagodas all over the world eg in India, Japan, Australia, Africa and even in California!

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