Android Tutorial: Photo app – Save bitmap to SD card or Share via Intent

In this tutorial I will show you how you can make a simple photo app. First the app allow you to take a picture with the embedded photo camera app. Second, the app will place this picture in an ImageView and allows you to apply a Colorfilter. Similar, but not completely, like Instagram.

When the user has applied a color filter the user can either save the picture to the SD card or share the photo via an Intent to for example Twitter or Facebook. In case of sharing, the picture will not be saved to the internal SD card (unless the user clicks the save button as well).

The following concepts will be discussed:
- Use MediaStore to take and grab a photo.
- Use onActivityOnResult to set the photo to your ImageView
- Save the picture either in the cache or save it to a new folder on your SD card
- Use SeekBar and Colorfilter to apply a filter to the Photo.

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