Early Game Sketches and User Stories

This already my third post. At this stage the game already starts to get some shape by some early sketches. I decided to make some high level sketches to get a better feeling of all the elements which should be developed and how the game and different screens should look like. With user stories I tried to specify the most important user requirements, they are not complete in terms of specifying the complete functionality but provide a fairly good overview over the different features of the game.

We are currently in Pokhara, Nepal, which is compared to Kathmandu a very chilled out location close to the Himalayan mountains. Many people come to this place to enjoy the lake called Phewa Lake or hike the Annapurna Circuit. I you read my previous post, we had to escape from Kathmandu due to the elections. It became quite dangerous in Kathmandu with the Army being deployed all over the city and some gas bombs being thrown on busses and cars. In Pokhara, it seems that the country has no elections at all, making this place an excellent alternative for Kathmandu. Besides some hiking and mountain biking I hope to make some progress on Rolly Bear World.
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