Moving clouds & a pressed state feeling

I the last few days we were traveling a lot so I did not had much time to make any large changes to my Rolly Bear World Project. Internet and Wifi was shitty which made it even harder to look up any Corona SDK resources. Nevertheless, I made a few changes which were a bit easier to do without having access to the Internet.

I added a bit more art work to the project so Rolly Bear World will look a bit more appealing to the larger public. I mentioned before that I was planning to add these kind of changes later, but I guess due to the traveling and not having access priorities changed just to keep on having progress with the game and try to have it finished by the end of my trip. What did I change? A few background images like bushes to both the level screens as well as the menu screen. I added some clouds which move through the sky. I also added a few lines of code that when a user clicks on the back-button or on the level icons the user gets the feeling of a button press. I did this by using the Corona SDK xScale and yScale APIs.

As always you can find the code in my GitHub Repository

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Create a Simple Space Shooter with Corona SDK

In this tutorial we build a simple space shooter by using the Corona SDK framework. By the end of this post you will find a download link for the complete source code. Feel free to grab it and use it for your own game developments.

In the video below you can see how this simple game works.

The following features are implemented:

  • Creation of Game controls
  • Spawning of enemy ships
  • Score and wave system
  • Power ups which are dropping from the sky
  • Checking for Collisions
  • Remove off screen objects
  • Sound effects and game music
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