Rolly Bear World: First Game Play Functionality

Finally, I reached the first big milestone of my Rolly Bear World project. In the last couple of days I added the first gameplay interaction to the game. In this post we will start integrating the physics engine provided by Corona SDK, add the functionality to launch Rolly Bear into the physics world, and add some basic new art work to the game.

But first, below you can find some pictures of Indonesia. We rented a motorbike and explore the island Lombok. We zip through jungle roads, past palm trees and little villages. After a hour we suddenly found a very secluded beach called Tanjun Aan. Personally, this was the most beautiful beach I ever saw in my life. Besides a guy selling 2 Dollar coconut drinks we were the only two people on the beach. The water was turquoise and warm, it felt like heaven :).

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