Rolly Bear World: Re-scaling functionality for different devices

One of Corona’s strengths is the ability to deploy across different Operating Systems. In this post we make some changes to our code base to support multiple devices (iOS and Android). As this requires some changes in our config.lua and some understanding how it works I thought it would be worthwhile to write a post about this topic. Honestly, it took me a day to figure out everything despite the many articles already written about this topic.

Still in Indonesia, we travelled to Bali, which is one of the islands of Indonesia. The trip from Lombok to Bali took us almost six hours because the boat ride was longer than expected and we had some delays along the way. The problem with Bali is that it is hard to move around. There is barely any public transportation and you either take a cab or rent a motorbike. We visited some very nice rice fields and temples. Most of Indonesia is Muslim, but Bali is Hindu. Countries with a Hindu religion are often directly recognizable because of the many temples and shrines. So Bali is rich on random temples and some very large temples. One of the temples we visited was the Mother Temple of Besakih (Stunning!). Bali is one of these places, its good that we have visited it, but we won’t come back here. Bali is a tourist island full of western stores, prices and resorts. This is just not the way we like to travel. We probably will only stay for a few days and move out.

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