ActionBar header Tutorial

Nowadays many Android apps use a solid header or actionbar. These headers are not just nice but are often used to expose the brand of the app or provide quick access to common functionalities of the app, hence the name actionbar. Some examples of Android apps applying these headers are Twitter and Instagram. In this tutorial I will show how you can make these “glossy” coloured header bars. The picture below is what we will make in this tutorial. I used as title “Size Matters”, as I am currently working on an app with this as title (more in a future post).

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Android Tutorial: Fragments

In this tutorial I will provide an example how you can implement fragments. Fragments are often used to create the tabs in the action bar which can be clicked or swiped through. We will create a small app which explains some of the sights of the town Maastricht, Netherlands. Of course you can adjust the code for you own purposes.  Continue reading