Android animation through XML

In the last days I was trying to do some animations with Android. I want to share some of the animation which can be build through defining them in your XML.

In total this tutorial will have 3 animations based on an ImageView: (1) shake, rotate, and fade.

It is actually quite easy. We will use the XML to define the behavior of the animation and some Java to create the reference and the initiation. Note that, I have created 3 buttons to start the animation. Continue reading

Android Tutorial: Fragments

In this tutorial I will provide an example how you can implement fragments. Fragments are often used to create the tabs in the action bar which can be clicked or swiped through. We will create a small app which explains some of the sights of the town Maastricht, Netherlands. Of course you can adjust the code for you own purposes.  Continue reading

findViewById in Android fragments

A quick post on how to add and set android widget behavior in a fragment implementation. Fragments in android don’t extend Activity but Fragment. This implies that your standard way of referring to android widgets won’t work e.g. Button btn = (Button)findViewById(; Continue reading

Android Tutorial Part IV – Email Intent – UAT Tester App

This is the last part of the UAT tester app tutorial for Android. In case you have missed the previous Tutorial click on the links below.

Android Tutorial Part I – Setting the layout
Android Tutorial Part II – Setting the reference variables
Android Tutorial Part III – Pick Gallery Image

In this last tutorial will we set the email intent, meaning that the user can pass the information of the UAT tester app to an installed email-client and send the information to for example the Test Manager.  Continue reading

Learning Java for Android

In case you have no background in Computer Science (like me) it can be very hard to learn Java for Android. I think first you need to ask yourself why do you want to learn Android Development? This can be because it’s just fun or you want to have a better understanding of the Java syntax or maybe you have a great idea for an App.  Continue reading