Android Projects

On this page I have summarized some of my personal Android projects. The apps are focused on beginners in Android Programming. Feel free to use all code.

Debugger app for UAT

This app provides an easy way to report defects during the testing cycle of your Android Application.  In many cases your application is tested by your customer or business stakeholders. Often they report bugs or defects without the essential information for the developer to debug. Often this results in back and forward communication with the request for more information (like device type or software version). For your clients or stakeholders this information is not always easy accessible or perceived as a hassle. In this process we lose valuable time.

The UAT Friendly Tester App provides:
- An easy way to report defects
- Automatically enrich the defect with device information
- Ability to attach a screenshot or picture
- Assign a defect priority
- Defect can be send via the email application installed on the device.

Tutorial I: Create the Layout with XML

Tutorial II: Use the device API to retrieve device information.

Tutorial III: Create the Gallery Pick for attaching a screenshot or image.

Tutorial IV: Sent a populated email message with the UAT Information.

See also the small demo video.

Download the app to your device:


The Shopping Discount App

The Shopping Discount app is an easy and handy tool to calculate your discount during your shopping sprees.

The Shopping Discount app helps you to calculate easily the final retail price after the discount percentage.

- Set retail price and discount in % (percentage).
- View new retail price plus the absolute discount you get.

This app helps you with the retailers who only communicate the discount percentage but not the price after the discount.

Complete tutorial for the Shopping Discount App. 



Download the app to your device:


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